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ARI-STEVI Smart 450/451 View detail

ARI-STEVI Smart 450/451

Control valve - 3-way with flanges

Pneumatic actuators View detail

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic actuator DP

API 602 Check Valve View detail

API 602 Check Valve

Place of Origin: China Certification: ISO9001-CE

mROY® View detail


Maximize uptime with unrivaled accuracy and reliability.

500M: VeCTor M Trim / 500D: VeCTor D Trim / 500J: VeCTor J Trim View detail

500M: VeCTor M Trim / 500D: VeCTor D Trim / 500J: VeCTor J Trim

In severe services of high temperature and high differential pres-sure, KOSO's multi-stage trim ...

Motorized Actuators View detail

Motorized Actuators

Here is a line-up of motor-operated actuators of basically ON/OFF control. 3100 series is ...

ARI-STEVI Smart 423/463 View detail

ARI-STEVI Smart 423/463

Control valve - 3-way with flanges

PREMIO-Plus 2G View detail


Electric actuator ARI-PREMIO-Plus 2G

API 594 Check Valve View detail

API 594 Check Valve

The center vertical pin shaft. When the valve is open, the resultant force of fluid is on the ...

PRIMEROYAL® View detail


Reliable and versatile metering pumps for critical chemical dosing applications

Cage Guided View detail

Cage Guided

501G series is our latest cage guide control valve of large Cv value, and of dynamic stability.

Solid State Electronic Actuators View detail

Solid State Electronic Actuators

Each product of this series drives and controls a control valve, with a motor driven by a ...

ARI-STEVI Pro 453 View detail


Feedwater control valve - 3-way with flanges - with pump spill back

PREMIO View detail


Electric actuator ARI-PREMIO

OffSet Butterfly Valve View detail

OffSet Butterfly Valve

Valve body and valve seat of tri-eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve are combined component

Megaroyal® Diaphragm View detail

Megaroyal® Diaphragm

Optimal leak-proof performance for high-volume chemical injection

Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves View detail

Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves

KOSO top-guided control valves are compact and simple structured

Microprocessor Controlled Actuators View detail

Microprocessor Controlled Actuators

This Series represents intelligent digital actuators targeting the control method of the next ...