NJEX Tanks & Skids

NJEX offers a complete systems approach for all of your odorant injection applications.  When you select a skid packaged system you will receive a factory assembled skid, designed specifically to deliver many years of odor-free service. This approach will also dramatically reduce time and expense normally associated with commissioning odorant systems.  Three simple connections are all that is required.

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  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Capacities
    • 20-2000 gallon
    • Custom dimensions or larger size
  • Configurations:
    • Rail skid
    • Containment skid
    • Pro-tank (stand alone)
  • ASME coded vessels
  • Electronic odorant level gauge
  • Capacities
    • 20-2000 US gallon
    • Custom dimensions or larger available.
  • Odorant compatible valve package
  • Relief valve
  • High gloss, industrial grade coating process.