General Service Petroleum Low Flow API 685 Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

A low flow and efficient sealless magnetic drive pump for safe processing and handling of hazardous and valuable hydrocarbons and chemicals The GSPLF combines the proven technologies of Sundyne Barske Wheel hydraulics with the Sundyne HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive, optimizing reliability and efficiency to ensure trouble-free plant operation. The GSPLF meets the requirements of API 685, making it ideal for heavy duty applications in oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical installations. An additional advantage is the flexibility inherent in the GSPLF diffuser and impeller, which can easily be upgraded should the duty need to be changed without replacing the pressure casing.
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Barske Wheel hydraulics for optimum efficiency in low specific speed (Ns) applications
Single basic frame size to suit power requirements
Barske Wheel design reduces radial and axial bearing loadsl Removable diffuser allows for re-rating of pumps to different process conditions without costly machining
Suction tuned inducers for low NPSHa conditions
Flows up to 160 GPM (35 m³/hr)
Heads to 715 ft (220m)
Temperature Range -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C)