Acid Resistant

This series provides globe type control valves for controlling corrosive and/or poisonous fluids. Body wetted parts are made of pure teflon and gland parts are completely sealed by bellows seal bonnet made of pure teflon.

Body is coverd by cast iron or stainless body cover which is resistant to shock form outside.

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Body type  500R
Body size 1/2"(15A) to 2"(50A)
Body rating JIS 10K Equivalent
Fluid temperature 0 to +150°
Connections Wafer:3/4 or Less, MFR Std:1 or More
Body materials Pure Teflon/Cover: FC250, SS400, SUS304
Trim materials Pure Teflon
Rangeability 15:1 to 30:1
Flow characteristics Eq%, Linear
Seat Leakage Bubbletight ANSI Class IV
Actuator combination              5200LA: Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
3500LB,3600LB: Solid State Electronic Actuator