2-PC Body Floating

Floating ball valve is for medium and low pressure conditions for various corrosive and non-corrosive mediums.Body of floating ball valve may be integral or combined type.Floating ball valve manufactured by BTL may be divided into cast steel floating ball valve and forged steel floating ball valve by different material forming approaches. There are soft sealing floating ball valve and metal sealing ball valve by sealing material.User may select full-size or reducing structure as required. The aperture of rate of full-size valve shall be same with inner diameter of pipeline for pipeline cleaning.

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Design standard: ASME B16.34/ API 608
Length of structure: ASME B16.10
Flange connecting end: ASME B16.5
Butt welding connecting end: ASME B16.25
Wall thickness: ASME B16.34
Fireproof test: API 607/API 6FA
Inspection and test: API 598
Pressure and temperature rating: ASME B16.34
Product scope: NPS 1/2″~NPS 8″,CL150~CL600  
Main body material:WCB、LCB、WCC、CF8、CF8M、CF3、C3M、A890 4A、A105、LF2、F304、F316、F304L、F316L etc.
Valve seat material: PTFE、RPTFE、NYLON、DEVLON、Derlin、PEEK、PPL or metal hard seal etc.
Drive device: handle, worm wheel, electric, pneumatic etc.