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Exxon Mobil Exploration

ExxonMobil is one of the major crude oil producers and suppliers of natural gas in Malaysia. It operates under four production sharing contracts (PSCs) with the Malaysian national oil company, PETRONAS, producing about one-fifth of the nation’s oil production and about one-half of natural gas supplies to Peninsular Malaysia

Lawit A Platform

Lawit A platform is the largest fixed platform built by Esso Malaysia, eclipsing the company's Jerneh A production platform, the largest in Southeast Asia.

Lawit's complex is comprised of the A Platform for production operations, an adjacent riser platform, and a remote gas flare. Production platform facilities are including the five production modules, living quarters for 122 workers, and a helicopter pad. The riser platform is to consist of a three tiered, integrated deck to house pipeline risers.

Lawit's development plan includes a 30” gas pipeline to shore, which is tied in to the existing onshore receiving facilities with the production started in 1997.


List of projects
Exxon Mobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc
Oil and Gas
Sampling System Revamp (2012)
Malaysia (Lawit A Platform)
Liquid Condensate

Project Description

Lawit A Metering process condition is one of the toughest process conditions for any sampling system to cope with. The line pressure fluctuating from 3,000kpa to 13,000kpa and sand content is significantly high. Thus the existing sampling brand is failing to meet the required result. In year 2012, Exxon Mobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc (EMEPMI) has decided to replace the existing system with other alternative.

SESB has taken an initiative to simulate the process condition at YZ Training and Research Center located in Kuala Lumpur and has been witnessed by EMEPMI personnel. Convinced by the result, they agreed to proceed with the installation in Lawit A Platform.

Scope of Supply

1. YZ model DynaPak 3010N featuring:

1-Sample Pump

  • probe mounted
  • stainless steel
  • positive displacement
  • adjustable, 0 – 0.4 cc's per stroke
  • pneumatic actuated

1 - Z-65/6.1 Controller Featuring:

  • Up to two year battery life
  • Completely potted electronic circuitry
  • Onboard six-digit LCD counter
  • Diagnostic test functions
  • Locally mounted wiring assembly
  • Straight time-based, time-based with on/off low flow, or proportional-to-flow sampling
  • FM approved, and CSA certified intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1, Group C, D; and Cenelec certified intrinsically safe for EExia IIB T4

1 -YZ Filter/Regulator Featuring:

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Provides clean, regulated actuation gas supply

1 -YZ Solenoid Valve Featuring:

  • Corrosion resistant construction

1 -Enclosure Featuring:

  • Weather resistant poly-fiber construction
  • Self-contained, compact design