GSPX BB5 Multi-Stage Pump

Multi-stage leak free pump for safe high-differential processing and handling of hazardous and valuable hydrocarbons and chemicals High head performance is now available in a compact sealless magnetic drive package. The GSPX is a multi-stage design that delivers greater efficiencies in space, cost and servicing versus standard single stage pumps in a series. The GSPX uses a between bearings design (BB5) for the second and third stage impellers, and produces higher differential pressures than single-stage sealless magnetic drive pumps. Efficiency is further increased through an optimized diffuser design and optional ZeroLoss composite containment shell which eliminates coupling losses and heating of the process liquid.
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Multiple in-line stages in an end-suction configuration for compact package and ease of installation in plant
BB5 Barrel Style Design: API compliant, no tie bolts
Sealless design-total product containment
Interchangeable components: commonality with the GSP pump range maximizes convenience and reduces stockholding
Based on our proven Frame 2 Magnetic Drive, the GSPX is available with two or three stages and two diffuser based hydraulic options.

Flows up to 450 GPM (102 m³/hr)
Heads to 1,400 ft (430m)
Temperature Range -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C)
The heavy duty line of API sealless magnetic drive, between bearings multi-stage centrifugal pumps complies with specifications required by the oil, gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries. The GSP is typically used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallizing and high value processes.