Sanggul Emas’s service network ensures a wide customer support service. Experts with on-going training have expertise in each particular compressor application, and can provide the necessary service, fast and reliable.


Petroleum engineering covers nearly all level of industrial extraction of oil and gas, including research, evaluation, development and production.


Project Commissioning is the process of assuring that all system and components of building or industrial plant are designed, installed,tested, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.


Proper maintenance of oil and gas processing facilities is key, in today's tight energy market, to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation. Unscheduled downtime can translate into gasoline shortages and higher prices.


In line with the "kaizen" philosophy, our development and professional improvements are on-going. Follow this page for our continual progress

Ingersoll-Rand plc has completed its US$1.45 billion acquisition of Precision Flow Systems from funds advised by BC Partners Advisors LP and The Carlyle Group

What our customers think

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Sanggul Emas has been provided a good customer service and willing to assist us to optimize auto sampling reliability

/ Onn Ahmad (Metering Lead) /

Fast response from Vendor ( email/call). No delay item/ product from vendor

/ Lalitha Rajamtaran (Finance) /

Quick action regarding any delay item/product. Fast response from Vendor ( email/call).

/ MR.PARK SEUNG WOO (Responsible Purchaser / Offshore Material Purchasing Team) /

Quick action from SESB regarding payment delay. Fast response from vendor (email/call)

/ FADHILAH JUNURHAM (Account payable team) /

Fast action if any delay regarding payment or work at side. Fast response (email/call)

/ Thiam JooChio (Senior Engineer) /

No doubt, YZ installation would not have grown without the effort from both of you! Not just that, working beyond working hours – Late night standby at site, weekend at site, tele conversation with me on sat/sun on project is becoming more and more frequent ( I got to apologize for not giving you guys a break on weekend)

/ Jimmy Teo (Regional Product Manager, YZ Systems) /



Get the most usable Pump and Skit at Petronas  from us with training and service guide for the product that you need. 

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